Emily Wurramara, The Darwin Railway Club

20 February 2024 It was a select but sold out crowd that saw a great show from Emily Wurramara at the Railway Club in Darwin earlier tonight. We were all happy to see her back on stage in Darwin on a hot February night. Emily was ably supported by local duo Reverie at what for [...]

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Batchelor to Darwin – a photo essay

A few weeks back I went for a drive down to Batchelor, an old uranium mining town an hour’s drive south of Darwin that remade itself as a town dedicated to tourism—the wonderful Litchfield National Park is nearby—and education—the town is home to the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. Here are some photographs from [...]

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Ships of Darwin Harbour – Part 2 – Cruise ships, military and miscellaneous shipping

Sailing Vessel Kaiwo Maru This is part 2 of what may become a multipart series … Darwin harbour is without doubt still a beautiful place. Sure, while humans and nature have both tried their best to trash the place over the past couple of hundred years – the settler society with inappropriate residential [...]

Ships of Darwin Harbour – Part 1 – Industrial shipping

There is the promised threat of long-overdue but never-coming rain through the long months of the Gurrulwa Guligi (big wind) and Dalirrgang (build up) seasons, when pretty much every-thing and -one is stagnant with humidity, sweat and dread and when anything, nothing and everything does, can – or doesn’t and can’t – happen.

Photo Essay: When the rubber hits the road.

Every Australian small town has a place - or several - outside of town where the local hoons take stolen cars to lay their marks on the road in rubber. Sometimes - if the drivers have skill, a good motor and a nice new set of someone else's tyres - the marks left are almost abstract artworks. Other times, less so.

People Like Us, We Come From T/Here. Always Have, Always Will. Marntaj.

My family’s journey is but one of thousands of similar travels and travails undertaken by Stolen Generations’ members and their descendants. I follow in the footsteps of my grandparents – Bessie and Joe Senior; my father – Joe, and through the determined efforts of my mother, Dorothy, to ensure my father was reunited with his/our family. It is because of them – all gone now - that I have been able to undertake my journey, to work out where ‘home’ is for me.

Bird of the Week: Pilatus PC-21 at Alice Springs, June 2018

Thanks to my mate Mitch Chip Childs over at the Aviators of Alice Springs Facebook page for the tip that a couple of brand spanking new Pilatus PC-21s would be passing through Alice Springs this morning en-route from their base in Switzerland to the RAAF Roulettes home at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria. [...]

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