Copenhagen Agreement: Permanent Boundary or CMATS redux?

La’o Hamutuk considers this celebration like the ‘celebration’ in 2005, when Timor-Leste and Australia agreed on the CMATS Treaty ... Sadly, although the celebration had begun, in the end that ‘agreement’ was not considered a victory for Timor-Leste. This is because the CMATS Treaty blocked Timor-Leste from speaking about its sovereign rights while Greater Sunrise was in production, and continued to recognize Australia’s rights to sea areas which properly belong to Timor-Leste under principles of international law.

Australia and East Timor agree on the Timor Sea

While no specific details are available, the agreement that has been reached refers to a ‘pathway to the development of the [Greater Sunrise] resource, and the sharing of the resulting revenue’. Australia had previously offered East Timor a 50-50 split of revenue from the Greater Sunrise field, so it is expected that the agreement will increase East Timor’s share of revenues. The agreement also leaves open the question of the ‘pathway to the development’ of the field.

Peace in our time between Timor-Leste and Australia over the Timor Gap?

I thank the Commission for its resolve and skill in bringing the Parties together, through a long and at times difficult process, to help us achieve our dream of full sovereignty and to finally settle our maritime boundaries with Australia. This is an historic agreement and marks the beginning of a new era in Timor-Leste’s friendship with Australia: former President of Timor-Leste Xanana Gusmão

The Montara oil spill – Australia’s shame finally gets to court

Montara has seen thousands of hardworking seaweed farmers rendered into abject poverty without being advised of or understanding the cause. For too long now, the polluter has tried to hide behind the poverty and remoteness of its victims. The people who bore the brunt of Montara's lethal discharge will now, finally, have their voices heard in an Australian court: Darwin lawyer Greg Phelps.

East Timor’s media law unconstitutional – Court of Appeal

Jose Belo: "The Courts today have upheld our constitution, which we fought so hard for. This is a victory for the East Timorese people. The government is trying to stop freedom of the media and freedom of expression ... It would now seem our politicians need help from the lawmakers to understand what the constitution means."

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Vale Brian Manning – Michael Gunner MLA’s Condolence Motion to the NT parliament

Others have spoken of his time in the Territory, I would like to talk about what made the man: from a dirt poor childhood living on the fringes of a tiny Queensland town, to his life as an advocate of human rights here in the Territory and overseas.

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