Coming the “sweet prawn” in Palermo: Chips Mackinolty on food, fashion and Dolce & Gabbana

Intanto alla Vucciria Chips Mackinolty, street artist australiano, realizza “Dolce & Gamberi”, il dipinto di un abito d’“alta moda” con stampa di cannoli e gamberoni. L’ennesimo omaggio ad una Palermo che, per un lungo weekend, sarà davvero internazionale.

Butterfly of the Week: Double-spotted Line Blue, Nacaduba biocellata

This isn’t the sharpest pic I might be able to get of this delightful little fella that is most likely the most abundant life-form (apart from the ubiquitous Buffel Grass) around Alice Springs right now—in numbers if not in weight. I first noticed these Double-spotted Line Blue butterflies Nacaduba biocellata when I was out at Hidden [...]

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