Photo Essay: When the rubber hits the road.

Every Australian small town has a place - or several - outside of town where the local hoons take stolen cars to lay their marks on the road in rubber. Sometimes - if the drivers have skill, a good motor and a nice new set of someone else's tyres - the marks left are almost abstract artworks. Other times, less so.

Book-burnings of our times. Clinton Walker’s Deadly Woman Blues gets pulped …

There are no winners in any of this—a group of women are (rightfully it seems) aggrieved by Walker's (admitted) failures in research and diligence, a respected author has suffered a terrible fall from grace and none of us (well, most of us) will get to read what is/was without doubt a valuable contribution to our shared musical history.

Building up … going Troppo in the Top End

Too. Fucking. Hot. I cleared the breathalyser and turned off Lee Point Road. As I drove past, just one hundred metres away from the alcohol and drug testing station, I could see one of the many old mates of Darwin’s Northern Suburbs leaning back in his plastic chair, pulling on a bong. Happy Thursday to you, Old Mate.

The kill-or-be-killed world of NT politics, 2012 to 2016

Giles’s mood had changed from denial, to anger, to bargaining. He first denied any knowledge of an unfolding coup. Later he raged about the stupidity of it. And in our last conversation, just after midnight, before the phone was hurled from the balcony, he seemed to think there was a way to fight on.

Suspend Northern Territory self-government!

The Territory has very few friends “down south”, where we have come to be seen as over-indulged redneck mendicant whingers, sucking endlessly on the public nipple of taxpayer generosity. Suspending NT self-government would be a popular decision in most parts of Australia.

NT politics – from crazy-brave to crazy and back again.

"There is no doubt the Country Liberals have been divided for many, many, many years on a range of different areas, policy and structural and personalities ... What we have seen as a result of last night is a party completely disintegrate in terms of different factions, warring factions." Adam Giles, 3 February 2015.

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