About Bob Gosford

I‘ve been telling tall tales—though not always true tales—about the Top End of the Northern Territory through the daily pages of Crikey.com since 2006 and here at The Northern Myth from 2008.

During all this time I’ve lived and worked at plenty of places around the NT and beyond and—with the help of more than a few special guests—have posted more than 1,000 pieces here in 15 years.

Things fell in a hole about 18 months ago when Crikey unceremoniously decided not to continue hosting The Northern Myth and it took a while to get everything transferred to a new website.

Anyway here we are, with a new site and with a new Northern Myth presence on Facebook and Instagram and of course Twitter, where we’ve been since 2010.

I’ve got plenty of pieces backed up in the files that I’ll roll out in the coming months, including more on the glory days of cannabis cultivation in the NT from the 1970s to the 1990s and a big swag of tales looking at deaths in the centralian desert in the 1980s.

I’ll also throw a few lines out to the guest writers we’ve featured here in the past and as ever we are interested in publishing anything interesting from this part of the world—so if you or someone you know has something you want to say drop me a line!

Welcome back, enjoy and please, tell me what you really think …