A couple weeks back I had a night out at Darwin’s Railway Club with three young women hitting strings and skins and a coupla bunches of old(er) blokes doing the same but without a pair of decent trousers (or a full set of teeth) between them.

Notwithstanding those apparent shortcomings (pun intended) it was great to leave the house with my hearing (relatively) intact and leave the venue with my ears ringing …

I was happy.

it was good.

I took some photos.


Horse Trank

Ludmilla swamp post-punk

Scungy swamp rock dogs (in shorts)

Holty, the hitter of things for Horse Trank

Oh fuck, Oh fuck …

Simmo, the plucker of (heart)strings for Horse Trank

Bush jazz?

Set list, Horse Trank, Railway Club

Racecourse Creek funky-punk

Roddy, who gets to blow spit through a set of tubes and pluck thick strings in Horse Trank and their brothers Junk-Time

Christian Cowboy, He’s a law unto hisself, Humpty Doo Christian


I’ve got a big plan, I’ll see what happens

Al, Junk-Time’s hitter of things with sticks

I’ve got a million friends and none of them like me.
They all wanna fight me …

Junk-Time set list
Tang’s plucker of thick strings

Tang’s hitter of things with sticks.

Your comments and thoughts welcome …