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Ten (thirteen really) questions for…Shane Marshall

Bob Gosford - Tell me something you’ve never told anyone before.Shane Marshall - My parents sent me to school on St Patrick’s Day when I was in Prep. school because they didn’t believe it was a holiday. I sat in the playground and cried and then went to the lady that lived across the road.

By |December 16th, 2008|

“Ju-Ju” markets and birds in African magico-medicinal use

These market stalls contain "an assembly of skulls and skins arranged in a powerful, if often rather disturbing, display that can include horse and hyena heads, crocodiles, dried snakes and monkey skulls. The presence of so much decomposing flesh, crudely preserved with only ash or salt, makes for a very unhealthy background odour and a super-abundance of flies.

By |December 14th, 2008|
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